I am having a problem with my Telkom line and am unable to use the account that I signed up for, why are you still invoicing me and why do I have to pay the invoice?

A: Your DSL data account is unrelated to your Telkom line. Crystal Web accounts are provisioned as per your signup and associated terms and conditions, and we accordingly incur costs for the IPC that is provisioned.

ADSL data is due and payable in accordance with the product and associated terms you have signed up for and agreed to. ADSL lines are best effort services and are not billed per Mbps sync, but rather for the product type purchased.

Should your account not synchronise at the advertised speed, we’d be happy to re-grade the line to a more appropriate speed, however all Telkom residential infrastructure is offered on a best effort basis by Telkom and speeds are not guaranteed to ISPs nor to end users.

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