Home Standard Capped

Home capped is offered as an unshaped service by default, however general network management may result in peer to peer and NNTP protocol speeds being affected during business hours, to ensure that business account holders obtain priority access to the bandwidth they are paying for. We also provision free gigs to use from midnight to 6am to encourage you to schedule your large downloads during this off peak time, to help us deliver a superlative experience at all times.We suggest scheduling things like peer to peer, NNTP, and large gaming updates and downloads for these time-periods. While it is not necessary for you to do so, it does help us to manage the network capacity far easier, and to keep our costs to you down, as well as ensure that in future, we can continue to reduce costs to you. It also ensures that you take full advantage of your free gigs, and makes more anytime data available to you.

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