What's the difference between contention, throttling, and shaping?

Shaping is the process of reducing throughput on some protocols (like peer to peer torrents for example) while not reducing the throughput of other protocols. This means that not all protocols operate at the same speed at all times. With Crystal Web's premium uncapped range, we allow you to burst to full speed on downloads when spare network capacity becomes available, and we do this dynamically every second of the day. This is great as it means that you can take advantage of any spare network capacity Crystal Web has at any point in time to get better download speeds.

Throttling is the process of reducing throughput on all protocols on your account. This is typically only done by ISPs once certain thresholds are met. This means that all data throughput is reduced irrespective of the protocol being used on the account. 

For an explanation about contention, please read this article - What is contention?

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