I requested a line migration and you have advised me that this cannot be done – why?

A: If your line has previously been managed by another ISP, this needs to be transferred back to Telkom before it can be migrated to us and you need to arrange this with your previous ISP.

A: If you have any amounts still due to Telkom, they will not transfer your line to an ISP.

A: If you requested a brand new ADSL service from Telkom and payment for the installation and first month’s costs is being made to them after they invoice you then you have to wait 30 days before it can be migrated. If these costs are paid upfront by you then Telkom will authorise your line for migration.

A: If you have any pending orders on the line, such as an upgrade, downgrade, or technical fault, Telkom may prevent the line from being migrated to your ISP until such time as this has been resolved with Telkom or the ISP currently managing your line.

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